What kind of therapist are you looking for?

I grew up in the music biz. Cradled in the sounds of Lover's Rock and P-Funk. I played with dolls in sweaty studios. And sung on my first track when I was five...

In '94 I began working in bars, pubs and restaurants. I also began life as a musician, gaining a B Tech and A levels in Music and Music Production from the Brit School, and going on to get a degree in events management from London South Bank University.

The global rave scene consumed my life for over a decade. Jungle, Techno, House and Garage became my religion, carrying me from London to Thailand, to Guatemala and Mexico, via Castro's Havana, and Berlin, before substance use became substance misuse, and I eventually found my way home.

When I returned, I became a youth worker and realised the potential for relationships, and the arts, to heal from trauma. I worked with young offenders, on gang prevention and small scale deradicalization projects, and as Head of Department in a pupil referral unit for a few years before specializing in Arts Psychotherapy at the renowned Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London.

Regarded nationally as one of the most robust and challenging courses of its kind, I studied under eminent psychotherapists and after a further 10 years of life (with all its joys and tragedies), personal therapy, intense study, and 2 years as a Lead Honorary Arts Psychotherapist at an addiction recovery centre, I qualified as a Counsellor in 2018, with a PG Cert with Merit, and registration with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I decided not to qualify as a Psychotherapist, as working in the NHS does not suit my spirit. I do not believe that all drug use has to be pathologized, or that you must be 'clean' or 'abstinent' for therapy to work: I have long believed that substance misuse is an attempt to become whole, and that if your use is steady, and you are ready and willing to transcend, therapy can be effective.

Unlike many counsellors, because my training has its basis in Psychotherapy, I work at relational depth, enabling me to get right to the root cause of the issue, and empowering you to do the demanding work of healing, in a safe, shame-free environment.

Working with human beings is about much more than books. Intense study and personal experiences have equipped me with a knowledge and passion for transcending substance misuse and addictions, and suicidal thinking and has led to effective work with the misuse of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and club drugs; childhood sexual abuse, complex PTSD, depression and anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

I am Co-Director of another therapy practice for children and families with ADHD, Autism and Specific Learning Differences. And am a Counsellor and Disability & Mental Health Inclusion Consultant to higher education arts organizations and grassroots theatre companies.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kyra Hall-Gelly MBACP